BCfm's award-winning Face to Faith

You might have seen our memorable Face to Faith posters around and about.  Many people have contacted us to find out more about them and ask for copies for themselves and communities.  Our Face to Faith poster series was designed by top Bristol graphic designer Catherine Roperto.  If you'd like a copy of the bright and distinctly Bristol posters - we've made them available below.  Just click on the link and they're yours.  Of course we'd appreciate you putting them up and giving them out to spread the word about our radio programme.  Our Face to Faith posters are in print quality - so they'll look their best!

Face to Faith cranes poster (3.1Mb)

Face to Faith red wall poster (4.6Mb)

Face to Faith Brandon Tower poster (3.7Mb)

Face to Faith warehouse poster (4.9Mb)

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Face to Faith - at the beating heart of our city of Bristol